Lake Worth Real Estate

If you need to learn more about Real Estate in Lake Worth Florida, you have come the right place.

Lake Worth is a very diversified town South of West Palm Beach, north of Delray Beach. It is located just up the road from New Harbor Realty’s home office in Boca Raton.

Lake Worth is a town with two personalities. To the west, west of jog road, on either side of Lyons Road and State Rd 7, we see sprawling communities built by the large builders with the big names. Sort of similar to the type of communities we see in Wellington and Boynton Beach, west of Jog Road and on Lyons road.  

To the east, we have a much different feel in Lake Worth East or what they are now trying to call, “Lake Worth Beach.” Lake Worth east is more of a quaint beach town located 1.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

 Lake Worth Beach includes both Intra-coastal and Oceanfront properties that definitely have that “sand in your flip flops, beachy”, artsy feel to it. Sort of like Delray Beach or Juno Beach but less commercialized. All unique in their own way, there are lots of restaurants and bars and random art studios selling local works of art. Many locals and tourists say Lake Worth Beach is sort of like what Delray Beach was 20 years ago and hopefully they keep it that way. We at New Harbor realty hope so because this town is a gem.

When it comes to housing or homes for sale in Lake Worth (east), the landscape is completely not homogeneous in any way. You may find a multi-unit property next to a 4-plex, next to a duplex, next to a cottage that was built in 1927. You literally have to drive each street to get a feel for what is going on.

Some people call these homes, “historic”. We think these cottages and small homes have a lot of charisma and charm as beach homes but we do need to point out they have stuck around for a long time and in most cases were built well. Many of these homes for sale in Lake Worth are fixer uppers, but many of them are considered good investments because of the surrounding neighborhoods that continue to thrive with fun and people that want to live here.

Appreciation has been good in Lake Worth over the last several years. See graph below, we have been in double digits.

Comparing the graph from Dec 2018 to April 2019 we see that the median list price has gone up from $289,900 to $299,900 while the average sale price dropped from$263,894 to $261,251

lake worth mediam home prices April2019

Local Info :

If you are shopping for a mortgage my go to mortgage guy Preston Ware operates a local office of DHL Mortgage located in downtown Lake Worth east. I highly recommend him for someone who needs a mortgage in Florida. We have been working to help mutual clients for over eight years.

Here is a good example of a fun event that is completely Lake Worth Beach.

Every year the town of Lake Worth organizes a street painting festival that gets everybody out there on their hands and knees. Approximately 600 artists show up every year to give it their best.  Approximately 500 of these artists are students from local schools who have yet to graduate high school. Here are a few good videos.