Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step when I want to list my home?

The first thing to do is to call a licensed realtor and ask for a personalized evaluation of your home’s market value. 


Why can’t I just check with Zillow?

If you’re like most people, your first instinct is to check for a Zestimate of your home’s value.  After all, there’s no charge and no one bothers you.  But that automated number has never seen your home.

Have you neglected it for 20 years? If so, the real value is far lower. Have you just upgraded your kitchens and baths? Replaced your roof?  Then chances are good the value is far higher.

Ultimately the choice is yours. But if you would like a realistic evaluation of your home’s value, a personalized evaluation from a realtor who knows your area is a better idea.


What is my first step when I want to buy a house?

Your very first step is to call a Licensed Mortgage Professional, even before you call a Realtor. That way you can find out how much house you can comfortably afford. Once you know that number, your Realtor will help you search for homes that work for you.

Are there any upfront fees for working with you?

No, there are not, nor do we charge any transaction fees at closing. If you are a buyer, our commissions are paid at closing by the seller. If you are a seller and you choose to list with us, all commissions are negotiable.

How long have you been licensed in the state of Florida?

We’ve been selling real estate in South Florida since 2005.

How long is a Listing Agreement?

In terms of time, it varies from seller to seller. We usually ask for a minimum of 6 months. The majority of homes we work with sell in 90 days or fewer, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  (In terms of space, a listing agreement is four pages long.)

How Long will Your Company Market Our Home?

Our first step is to bring in a professional photographer, at our expense, to highlight your home’s best features.


Then, your home will immediately be placed in the multiple listings, where 35,000 hungry real estate agents will become aware of it.

Because the Internet is where 90% of buyers search for homes, your listing will also be sent to Zillow, Trulia,,, and hundreds of other websites around the world.  In addition, the virtual tour of your home, which we provide, will be prominently featured on our website, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  


Do I need a Home Inspection?

FOR SELLERS: We always recommend to sellers that they inspect their homes before listing. That way they will be aware of items that need repair.  Sellers may choose to share the report with the buyers in order to facilitate contract negotiations.


FOR BUYERS: If you are a buyer and the homeowner has not inspected, then we recommend that you hire your own inspector. You want to be aware of any current or potential repairs that may arise.  You will want to factor those expenses into your final decision on whether to purchase the home.

What Happens if my Appraisal comes in Low

There are three alternatives if your bank’s appraisal comes in under the price you and the seller have agreed upon.


  1. The one that buyers prefer, but seldom occurs, is that the sellers lower their price to meet the appraisal.


  1. The second, and more common, is that the sellers lower their price a bit and the buyers come up with some additional cash.


  1. The third is that neither side is flexible and the deal falls through. In this instance, the mortgage contingency in the contract comes into play and the deposits are returned. If you are the buyer and you decide to cancel the sale, make sure you act within the stipulated time frame of the mortgage contingency.